Here are answers to some common questions. If they don’t answer your question, please contact us!

No. There are no minimums, thereby eliminating any risk.

No, there are not. Our coffee fundraiser costs nothing to start. There is no inventory to purchase so no risk whatsoever to start. We will email you pdf files containing your custom brochures and order forms. You can then print as many copies as needed. Members of your group use those materials to sell to friends and family.

We recommend you choose 3-4 coffees to sell. Our standard offering uses three varieties (Medium Roast, Dark Roast and DECAF) that are available in both Whole Bean or Ground, giving your supporters 6 products to choose from. You can choose from any of our coffees.
Our coffees are packaged in 16oz. (1lb) zip-lock coffee bags that are heat sealed with a one-way valve for maximum freshness. Of course, the varieties of coffee and roast preferences can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

We offer your group special wholesale pricing and that price depends on the type of coffees your group chooses to sell. You then set your selling price based on your fundraising goals. Most groups earn up to $5.00 profit per bag. Contact us today and our fundraising representative would be happy to discuss coffee options and pricing.

# of Participants # of bags sold per Participant Profit per Bag Total Profit
25 10 $5.00 $1250.00
50 10 $5.00 $2500.00
100 10 $5.00 $5000.00
250 10 $5.00 $12,500.00
500 10 $5.00 $25,000.00

No Problem! If you would like to offer any of our other coffees, of course you may do so. We have a wide variety of coffees to choose from. Keep in mind pricing may vary for different items.

At the end of your fundraiser you should collect all of the order forms and cash/checks from each member of your group/organization. You will need to tally all of the order forms and money collected. When you have your totals you can enter them on the provided master order form. This form can be emailed or faxed to us. Once submitted a confirmation will be sent to your organization with a set delivery date.

Once you submit your final order and payment, your coffee will be roasted, packed and delivered within 7-10 days.

Once your order is submitted an invoice will be created within 24 hours and emailed. We accept checks or cash.

Global Coffee believes you should receive a discounted price on the very first bag.

In an effort to keep our production costs down, we will not pre-sort your shipment by individual order.

Absolutely! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We at are committed to providing only the best freshly roasted coffee the world has to offer. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will exchange the item or refund the purchase price – whichever you prefer!

Yes. Your organization may continue to purchase coffee throughout the year. Many groups run several coffee fundraisers throughout the year.

Yes. Coffee is an everyday consumable product and is part of every household budget.

You have the ability to choose length of fundraiser, as well, as the start and end dates. We believe that about 2-3 weeks is sufficient for the pre-sale period.

Please contact us for shipping fees.  Pick Up is always available at our Maple Ridge, BC warehouse.

We can ship anywhere within Canada and the United States.

Yes, we provide Sell Sheets. WHAT IS A “SELL SHEET”? These are custom designed “Point of Sale” documents that are created to effectively accomplish two objectives: a) Give the seller a full representation of the offering to present to the buyer and, b) Provide an order sheet that will be compiled to create the “final order”. We provide the files (.pdf) to you, via eMail, enabling you to print as many as needed.

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